November 26, 2018

Episode 1 - Welcome to Pocket Thoughts!

Welcome to Pocket Thoughts! In today's 21st century the word entrepreneurship conjures up feelings of optimism, success, and happiness. The world of entrepreneurship is viewed as a glitzy, almost heroic career, with a guaranteed pathway to riches and success! You've seen how it works on T.V. social media, and the YouTube channels. Entrepreneurship is the most awesome career you can find. Just dream up a great idea, talk to a guru about how to market that idea, make a website, and BANG you might as well buy your mansion now! Purchase that Ferrari you've always wanted and prepare yourself to date the hottest woman in the world. After all, you are an entrepreneur, you will be printing cash in a matter of days. WRONG! We are four entrepreneurs with backgrounds in medicine, logistics, accounting, and tech with very different experiences. Therefore, we will share true stories, life lessons, successes and struggles with you all every week to give you a real inside look to the life of an entrepreneur.

Topics on this weeks show:

1) What motivates us? What gets us out of bed super early in the morning, gets us excited and out of bed to keep working hard every day.

2) Do you do something that is insanely scalable a try to affect a million people all at once? Or do you just start slow and ramp that thing up over time?

3) What strategies do you use to say "no"?

4) What made us want to become an entrepreneur?


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