February 25, 2019

Episode 14 - Biggest Weakness, Feeling Stuck, and Current Position in Life

Hello everyone! Happy Monday and welcome to Pocket Thoughts. On today’s show we will be discussing our biggest weakness, what suggestions we have for motivation when we are feeling stuck at work, whether it be not being able to move up or if you are even in the right spot. Our final question for today is are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life? Thank you all for listening and let us know what questions you guys have for us for next week's show! Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Enjoy the show and have a great week!

  • 1:15 - What is your biggest weakness?
  • 6:08 - “How much value am I actually bringing by changing an image? … When all it does it deflate the team?”
  • 13:20 - “Is this going to bring my team down more than it’s going to benefit the client?”
  • 22:58 - “I think it’s just a convenience for them to email instead of call because they can have a concise answer rather than sit on the phone and wait”
  • 28:36 - “For someone that’s 2-5 years or maybe even more into their job that feel like they’re stuck and can’t find the motivation, what do you suggest they do to get that motivation?
  • 32:34 - “If you think you’re stuck in a certain level or position, reach out, your bosses, your managers. I’m sure they will be happy to give you more responsibility and kind of see if you’re right for another level of that role”
  • 37:12 - “Is this where you thought you would be at this point in your life?”
  • 43:42 - Weekly Wrap!


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