April 8, 2019

Episode 19 - Biggest Distraction, Optimism, and Advice For Someone Considering Entrepreneurship

Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We’ve got a great episode on deck for you guys today. It will be just Joey Bobby and I today and we should have Brady back next week.

Our first question for today is what is your biggest distraction during the day and how are you trying to fix or avoid that distraction?

Our second question is at what point do you set you optimism aside and become more realistic?

And our third and final question is what advice would you give someone considering entrepreneurship?

A lot of great advice and knowledge in this episode from the guys today so be prepared for that.

Check us out on all the social media platforms by searching educating Entrepreneurs. Enjoy the show and have a wonderful week!

  • 1:40 - “What is your biggest distraction during your day?”
  • 10:42 - “Essentially I rate those tasks. I rate them from most important to least important and once I do that, I recreate that task list”
  • 17:44 - “At what point do you set your optimism aside and become more realistic?”
  • 19:31 - “You need that optimism to drive you forward, but also you need realism to set you in a mindset of, okay this is great I’ve got optimism, but how am I actually going to get there?”
  • 24:00 - Insta Quote
  • 26:35 - “Am I being realistic with myself here? Is this going to be fine or am I just avoiding the issue at hand?”
  • 29:50 - “What advice would you give to someone considering entrepreneurship?”
  • 40:59 - “You can’t understand what you don’t know”
  • 47:44 - “My company is only as successful as I can make my least productive employee work”
  • 48:45 - Weekly Wrap!


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