December 3, 2018

Episode 2 - Management Styles and The High School Downfall

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the second episode of Pocket Thoughts! I am one of the co-hosts Brandon and today we will be going back in time a bit not only in presidential history, but in our own lives as well. Our first topic will be Abe Lincoln’s management style and if we agree with it and how we ourselves manage others. Our second topic we discuss is criticism from others and how each of us handle it. And for the final topic Bobby, Brady, and Joey bring us back to their high school days and the first time they all were part of a company together and how poorly it went. I hope you guys can learn a thing or two from our experiences and apply them into your own lives. Be sure to subscribe to us and comment on what you guys thought of the episode. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook for more content. Enjoy the show!


Show Notes

Episode 2 - Management Styles and The High School Downfall (Show Notes)


  • 01:52  - “He [Abe Lincoln] wrote a long letter, to that individual, and then stuffed it in his desk”
  • 3:32 - “I think I would rather have someone tell me to my face what I am doing wrong or a time that I upset them, so I wouldn’t do it over and over and over again. Rather than having it locked away”
  • 8:51 - “Do any of us here take criticism differently?”
  • 11:57 - “Are you just getting that feedback from that one person or have you gotten that feedback numerous times? If you have gotten that feedback numerous times that probably means that there is an issue there”
  • 16:08 - “Is there a style out there that you actually think we could apply to everybody or is it all based off of reading each individual?”
  • 23:52 - “Our management style was horrible, we couldn't manage ourselves as partners in a company”
  • 37:49 - “You just need to communication what your expectations are, really sit down and figure out what your expectations are and make sure everyone else knows what they are”
  • 42:11 - “You’re in it together, whether good times or bad times, the best managers just know how to figure it out together as a unit”

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