December 31, 2018

Episode 6 - Sacrifices, Making It, and Impacting the World

Hello ladies and gentlemen happy Monday and happy new year! Do you guys have your goals for 2019 ready to go? I know one of mine is going to be working on getting procrastination out of my life! It is late on a Sunday night and I am just getting this intro going. Could be sleeping but I waited and now we’re here. Get those goals set and start off 2019 on a good note! On today’s episode we find out what sacrifices each of us are making to become an entrepreneur and why we are okay with making those sacrifices. Next we talk about how you know you have “made it” in entrepreneurship and life and finally we look at where we currently stand in life and if we feel we are making the impact in the world that feels good for us.


  • 1:46 - “What sacrifices are you making becoming an entrepreneur and why are you okay with making those sacrifices?
  • 5:06 - “It’s about giving up some of the things now for hopefully creating something bigger and more impactful down the road”
  • 19:08 - “How do you know when you’ve “made it” in entrepreneurship or in life?”
  • 26:01 - “I know that if I strive for that everyday,I’m going to know that I made it even if I do it for one person every year… I’m so much closer to where I want to be”
  • 33:16 - “Where you currently stand, if you’re making the impact in the world that feels good to you”
  • 39:44 - “Weekly Wrap Up!”

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