January 7, 2019

Episode 7 - New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone! It's Monday, it's the New Year, it's Pocket Thoughts! On today's episode we are going to focus a lot on the New Year and the New Year’s resolutions that we have. Our first question that were going to ask each other is what is our process for long-term goal setting, after that we are going to dive more into our New Year’s resolutions. You guys get to take a peak at what we hope to accomplish this year and hopefully if you guys haven't figured anything out on your end, we can kind of give you ideas and help you guys out. We have our weekly wrap up at the end, we’ve got some good stuff there. Enjoy the show and good luck with your week!

Ep. 7 - New Year's Resolutions

  • 3:15 - “What is your process for long term goal setting?”
  • Check out The ONE Thing book by Gary Keller
  • 7:58 - “If you create that someday goal and you break it down the way that I was explaining it, into a day-to-day goal, that forces you to visualize exactly how that someday goal will be accomplished”
  • 14:44 - What are your New Year's Resolutions?
  • 17:50 - “When you say that you are going to accomplish something and you don’t, that doesn’t only hurt you, it hurts your image with other people around you”
  • 32:34 - “I have a lot that I need to give back for people that invested in my life”
  • 35:05 - Weekly Wrap Up!


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