January 21, 2019

Episode 9 - Dream Work Day, Knowledge We Have Gained On Our Entrepreneurial Journey, and Discovering What Makes Us Happy

Ep. 9 - Show Notes

Hello everyone! It is Monday, January 21st and you are listening to episode 9 of Pocket Thoughts! If you’re a first time listener welcome, if you’re not then welcome back!

On today’s episode our first question is what would your dream work day look like?

Now we say dream work day because we are all entrepreneurs here and we spend our days putting that work in to make it big and not sitting around. WHICH will be a little debate later with Bobby and Brady when Brady tells Bobby he’s changed so get excited for that. How has Bobby changed? You will have to listen and find out!

Question number 2 is what is the most important thing you have learned on your entrepreneurial journey so far?

And question number 3 we find out how each of us discovered what makes us happy.

Finally we have our weekly wrap up and educating entrepreneurs update.

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Enjoy the show and have a good week!

  • 1:57 - “What would your dream work day look like?”
  • 7:10 - “I want my work to have an impact larger than what I am doing on a day to day basis”
  • 16:14 - “what is the most important thing you have learned so far on your entrepreneurial journey?”
  • 21:48 - “it’s unbelievable once you start understanding that everybody works differently that you just have one leadership style. You have to have a variety and know how different people work and you can integrate that into what you’re doing”
  • 31:33 - “I am curious how you guys discover what makes you happy?”
  • 46:13 - Weekly Wrap and Educating Entrepreneurs update!



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