February 4, 2019

Episode 11 - Luck, The Instagram Lifestyle, and How You Keep Going When You Know Someone Is Better Than You


On today's episode we discuss our view on luck and if has anything to do with success. We then get into a long talk on the Instagram lifestyle and how we think we should represent ourself on social media. Do we fake it until we make it or do we be real with ourselves and show people the real us? After that we talk about opportunities and how we keep going when we know that there is someone out there better at what your job. Enjoy the show!


  • 1:48 - “What is your view on luck?”
  • 5:56 - “To be successful off of [that] luck, you actually have to put more effort in and do something to follow up after that”
  • 9:15 - “Is you give it 100% every day, the luck will eventually kick in”
  • 11:21 - The Instagram Lifestyle Talk
  •         12:50 - “How do you guys think you should represent yourself on social media?”
  • 17:04 - “I’m talking about the people that legitimately just go on their feed and rent a bunch of cars and act like a big shot”
  • 29:24 - “A lot of times people get opportunities and people feel like they are incapable of tasks they have never done before, even though you can step up to the plate and do it”
  • 37:07 - “How do you keep going when you know there is someone smarter than you, better than you out there”
  • 41:56 - “To be a good entrepreneur, you also have to be realistic”
  • 50:43 - Weekly Wraps/EE Update

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